The cities from the list below have Scandinavia-related companies with investments received in the past period. Please use the filters to see cities from a specific country or to sort by value or by number of transactions.

NameIndustriesValue of transactionsTransactions
Sweden StockholmSoftware Services (56), Financial Services (54), Mobile (47)1.87B254
Sweden MalmöSoftware Services (10), Health services (4), Manufacturing (4)99.90M26
Sweden GothenburgSoftware Services (12), Manufacturing (10), Transportation (7)60.61M32
Sweden JönköpingSoftware Services (2)18.45M5
Sweden VäxjöManufacturing (1), Big Data (1), Books (1)17.42M3
Sweden UppsalaManufacturing (3), Mobile (2), Financial Services (2)16.69M8
Sweden LundHealth services (3), Biotech (2), Software Services (2)10.76M8
Sweden Sao PaoloMarketplace (1), Financial Services (1)10.18M1
Sweden SundsvallSoftware Services (4), Big Data (2), Advertising (2)10.17M7
Sweden HelsingborgManufacturing (2), Software Services (2)6.86M6
Sweden MaltaGaming Industry (1)6.22M1
Sweden ÖrebroMedia (1), Retail (1), Food Waste (1)3.36M3
Sweden VästeråsSecurity (1), Competitive Intelligence (1), Recruiting (1)3.08M3
Sweden UmeåBiotech (2)2.71M2
Sweden LinköpingManufacturing (1), Biotech (1), Hardware (1)2.03M3
Sweden AlftaManufacturing (1), Software Services (1), Hardware (1)2.02M1
Sweden VarbergSoftware Services (1)2.01M1
Sweden SundbybergManufacturing (1), Food Industry (1)1.92M1
Sweden SkellefteåSoftware Services (1), Photo (1)1.72M1
Sweden BoråsFood Industry (2), Ecommerce (2), Hospitality (2)1.46M4