The cities from the list below have Scandinavia-related companies with investments received in the past period. Please use the filters to see cities from a specific country or to sort by value or by number of transactions.

NameIndustriesValue of transactionsTransactions
Sweden StockholmSoftware Services (6), Financial Services (6), Health services (4)273.19M31
Sweden UppsalaMobile (2)13.99M3
Sweden MalmöSecurity (2), Software Services (2)11.93M2
Sweden SundsvallRetail (1), Ecommerce (1), Sports Industry (1)5.85M2
Sweden GothenburgSoftware Services (2)5.42M3
Sweden LundTransportation (1), Automotive (1)1.84M1
Sweden HelsingborgIndustry agnostic (1), Software Services (1)860k1
Sweden VäxjöEcommerce (1)740k1
Sweden LinköpingConstruction Industry (1), Hardware (1), Manufacturing (1)450k1