The companies from the list below have received the largest investment rounds made in Scandinavia for the past period. Please use the filters for selecting a specific country or a specific period.

NameIndustriesDateRound value (USD)
Spain ByHoursHospitality, Marketplace, Software Services, TravelJan 20208.88M
Spain PastisartFood Industry, HospitalityJan 20204.77M
Spain Bob.ioHospitality, Software Services, TravelJan 20203.33M
Spain Room007HospitalityJan 20203.31M
Spain BeonpriceCRM, Hospitality, Software Services, TravelJan 20202.77M
Spain BoxmotionsLogistics, MobileJan 20202.67M
Spain Nomo SpainFinancial Services, Industry agnosticJan 20201.99M
Spain ARTHEx Biotech S.L.Biotech, Health servicesJan 20201.66M
Spain TriporateSoftware Services, TravelJan 20201.44M
Spain Le Room ServiceFood Industry, HospitalityJan 2020687.83k
Spain SolverMLBig Data, Competitive Intelligence, Software ServicesJan 2020668k
Spain PolimerbioBiotech, Health services, ManufacturingJan 2020332.5k