The companies from the list below have received the largest investment rounds made in Scandinavia for the past period. Please use the filters for selecting a specific country or a specific period.

NameIndustriesDateRound value (USD)
Finland Relex SolutionsRetail, Software ServicesFeb 2019200M
Finland NordcloudSoftware ServicesFeb 201922.57M
Finland BeneqManufacturingMay 201922.48M
Finland WirepasWirelessMay 201916.17M
Finland AivenSoftware ServicesMay 20198.92M
Finland Aurealis PharmaBiotech, PharmaFeb 20197.73M
Finland NeverthinkMedia, VideoFeb 20195.67M
Finland Enfuce Financial ServicesFinancial Services, Payment processingFeb 20195.64M
Finland MediVidaHealth servicesMar 20195.62M
Finland NewiconHealth services, Manufacturing, RoboticsMar 20195.6M
Finland ForciotElectronics, ManufacturingJan 20194.58M
Finland Meru HealthHealth servicesApr 20194.2M
Finland Infinited Fiber CompanyFashion, ManufacturingApr 20194.18M
Finland LeadfeederCompetitive Intelligence, Online marketing, Software ServicesApr 20193.49M
Finland Kodit.ioReal Estate, Software ServicesMay 20193.35M
Finland 720°Energy, Hardware, Manufacturing, Software Services, WearableJan 20193.32M
Finland Timegate InstrumentsAgriculture, Competitive Intelligence, Software ServicesJan 20192.96M
Finland JennyCRM, Software ServicesFeb 20192.28M
Finland WelloEnergyMay 20191.91M
Finland GaseraEnergy, Social Responsibility, Software ServicesMar 20191.9M