The investors from the list below appear to have made the most number of investments in Scandinavia-related companies for the past period. Please use the filters for selecting a type of investor, a specific period or investors based in a specific country.

InvestorTypeAverage inv. round (USD)Transactions
Denmark VækstfondenVenture Capital2.36M14
Denmark PreSEED VenturesVenture Capital1.24M10
Denmark Seed CapitalVenture Capital14.13M9
Denmark ByFoundersVenture Capital6.87M7
Denmark Jesper BuchAngel Investor36k5
Denmark North-East VentureVenture Capital13.28M4
Denmark David HelgasonAngel Investor7.45M4
Denmark Preben DamgaardAngel Investor5.43M4
Denmark Nordic EyeVenture Capital3.25M4
Denmark InQvationAccelerator1.99M4
Denmark Sunstone Life Science VenturesVenture Capital10.79M3
Denmark Novo A/SCorporate Investor7.77M3
Denmark Nordic Alpha PartnersVenture Capital1.51M3
Denmark Futuristic VCVenture Capital1.36M3
Denmark Stefan RosenlundAngel Investor510k3
Denmark Jan LehrmannAngel Investor120k3
Denmark Brightfolk A/SCorporate Investor46.52M2
Denmark HeartcoreVenture Capital35.13M2
Denmark Founders A/SVenture Capital32.23M2
Denmark Lundbeckfond VenturesVenture Capital31.5M2

* Average inv. round represents the average value of an investment from all funding rounds an investor has participated in for a given period of time.

** No flag means that the investor is from outside Scandinavia.