The investors from the list below appear to have made the most number of investments in Scandinavia-related companies for the past period. Please use the filters for selecting a type of investor, a specific period or investors based in a specific country.

InvestorTypeAverage inv. round (USD)Transactions
Spain K FundVenture Capital2.21M3
Spain Lanai PartnersVenture Capital1.33M3
Spain ICF CapitalOthers9.02M2
Spain Athos CapitalVenture Capital3.76M2
Spain Félix RuizAngel Investor2.98M2
Spain Top Seeds LabOthers2.10M2
Spain Encomenda Smart CapitalVenture Capital2.01M2
Spain InvereadyVenture Capital1.89M2
Spain Banco SabadellBank1.33M2
Spain Grupo ZriserOthers929k2
Spain RepsolCorporate Investor25.23M1
Spain AvançsaOthers13.28M1
Spain Nina CapitalVenture Capital6.65M1
Spain JME VenturesVenture Capital4.86M1
Spain R&D BcnaOthers4.77M1
Spain Carlos DomingoAngel Investor3.33M1
Spain Big Sur VenturesVenture Capital3.33M1
Spain SantanderBank3.31M1
Spain Jaime Martín LabordaAngel Investor3.3M1
Spain Francisco RiberasAngel Investor3.3M1

* Average inv. round represents the average value of an investment from all funding rounds an investor has participated in for a given period of time.

** No flag means that the investor is from outside Scandinavia.