Propel Capital (investor - Venture Capital)

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Most business models preferred:
SAAS (12) B2B (10) Marketplace (6) B2C (Retail) (6) Affiliates (5) Advertising (5)
Average round investment:
113.32k USD

Propel Capital AB is an investment company established in 2014 by the Swedish business accelerator STING - Stockholm Innovation & Growth.

Each company that is accepted to STING’s accelerator program STING Accelerate automatically receives an investment of SEK 300 000 from Propel Capital.

The venture capital comes from 18 reputable Swedish business angels who have come together to invest in internet/media startups.

Propel works as a matchmaking platform that gives investors a good opportunity to get to know many companies and entrepreneurs at Stockholm's tech scene, a limited investment and risk. Financing is through a convertible 300 000 that can be exchanged for shares.

Showing 10 of 33 tracked Nordic investments in:

NameDateRound valueTotal raised
Sweden StreamienceMay 2017810k1.37M
Sweden MeloqApr 2017450k450k
Sweden ChallengizeMar 2017280k280k
Sweden World's MarathonsMar 2017420k453k
Sweden Just FootballFeb 201733.6k60.7k
Sweden AdoveoFeb 201733.6k33.6k
Sweden MedpeopleFeb 201733.6k33.6k
Sweden PrivlicFeb 201733.6k33.6k
Sweden Elly PistolFeb 201733.6k33.6k
Sweden Vyer TechnologiesFeb 201733.6k33.6k

* The round values and totals raised are in USD.
** Click on the company for its details and on the round amount for the investment details.

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