About Nordic 9

Nordic 9 is an Europe-focused data platform, tracking competitive intelligence about companies, investors and transactions from the private market.

Nordic 9 has a few unique propositions:

- a great source to understand the big picture of the buy market - direct investment, M&A and secondary transactions - through data and to take the pulse of what is happening in Europe, regardless if you are an outsider or part of the ecosystem.

- databases with investors, companies and investments made in the European private market

- real time news updates about local transactions as well as the big deals coverage - we track deals from pre-seed and seed stage level, made locally, to M&A and up the market, private equity big transactions, with international impact.

- single entry European knowledge point in English for 30 different countries and languages.

- smart intelligence software built on top of data - trackers, alerts, comparison tools, advanced filters, detailed analytics, connections graph etc.

- a library with essential data-based reports about investors, startups and market intelligence.

Nordic 9 is constantly updated and improved by a team led by Dragos Novac, a serial entrepreneur living in Stockholm.

You can join Nordic 9 from here.