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active angels in Europe

Sunday CET 25 July 2021

This week:

- active angels in Europe
- the difference between an angel and a super angel
- Europe's long tail

easy like Nordic summer

Nordic Intel 23 July 2021

Nordic dealflow intel:

- digital wealth platform w/ 32k customers raised $7M
- SAAS for social media management raised $1.5M
- dark kitchen startup raised seed money

The 140

Sunday CET 18 July 2021

The Sunday CET this week:

- the list with 140 VCs most active in Europe this year
- the equity crowdsourcing market is consolidating, is this a good thing?
- is the European expansion worth the time, effort and investment for American companies?

Tink in an easy way out

Sunday CET 27 June 2021

Tink was acquired by Visa for 2.2 billion. Would they have been capable of executing and become a 40-50 billion company with huge upside like Klarna is now, for example, or is this the type of business that rather gets acquired for strategic reasons?

It looks like we have that answer.

The new wave of European VCs

The VC business in Europe seems to be booming these days, with new funds announced every other week and huge piles of money ready to be deployed, compared to the …