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*the* bike startup from Europe

Euro Intel 21 June 2021

- American celebrities invested in a pre-launch European startup this week. Who are they, why they did it and what other Euro startups raised money from celebrities.
- Early stage profiles: one in stealth, D2Cs and a software-based market aggregator
- A curation of the most interesting fundraising deals from this week
- 9 new investment funds announcements.

will Google buy Klarna?

Sunday CET 20 June 2021

- Klarna became a Google reseller, is there more to it?
- how many ways are there for creating unicorns
- a 22 year old kid is changing an industry
- are voice apps a feature or a product?

Nordic ice cream robotics

Nordic Intel 18 June 2021

Good investment vibes from the Nordics this week, where we're enjoying a combination of some hot summer days and some Swedish political turmoil.

Other than that, we've had a $2 billion valuation (it seems we've been hearing from Nordic unicorns every week lately), a pre-launch seed round for an icecream robot and a Danish developer of "Wordpress for robots".

vision-driven stuff out of Sweden

Sunday CET 13 June 2021

This week we talk about vision-driven projects from Sweden, quantum deals and the latest VC marketing initiatives launched in Europe.

The new wave of European VCs

The VC business in Europe seems to be booming these days, with new funds announced every other week and huge piles of money ready to be deployed, compared to the …

from 1 to 10 billion in 4 years

Nordic Intel 11 June 2021

We're half way of 2021 already and it looks like money access is the last problem to have for the Nordic companies looking to grow by selling equity.

the hottest consumer app is from Europe

Sunday CET 06 June 2021

Today we cover the details of an investment deal that I haven’t seen on the usual Euro media channels and which will probably be written about extensively in the following days.

Euro investors not into the grocery business.

Euro Intel 06 June 2021

Euro startups accelerated by YC keep raising money, Goldman has quietly become one of more active growth finance providers and, believe it or not, there's still high profile investors not involved with grocery startups from Europe. Yet.

Is Klarna really worth $31 billion?

Klarna raising $1 billion at a $31 billion valuation is probably one of most significant piece of news from the European startup market recently. Not only because this makes it …

Nordic SPACs

Nordic Intel 04 June 2021

there were 3 SPAC vehicles announced in the Nordics in the past 10 days + interesting deals from the region

The most active Nordic VCs in 2020

As we're putting the final touches on the December's deal updates, we thought it would be interesting to have an overall look at what happened in 2020. And so we …