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where is this going?

Sunday CET 12 September 2021

• where is the investment market going
• best place to start a business
• open banking in Europe

the diversity situation

Sunday CET 05 September 2021

• the DNA as a secret weapon
• England's edge remains the English language
• who lobbies the EU institutions

Euro startups at YC this summer

Sunday CET 29 August 2021

• what you should know about the Euro batch from YC this summer
• talent is hard to find in Europe, will this lead to acqui-hiring?
• the best VC in the world launched officially a seed fund

The European unicorn nobody talks about

Sunday CET 22 August 2021

Here's what we have this Sunday:

• who are the late stage deal makers in Europe
• the European unicorn nobody talks about
• is the metaverse the future or an ego thing?

deals galore

Sunday CET 15 August 2021

This Sunday:
- Europe's most interesting deals this summer
- Europeans are famous for knowing how to live, not how to do business.
- learnings from Messi's transfer in France

is China a threat to Europe?

Sunday CET 01 August 2021

This Sunday:
- is China a threat to Europe?
- cash or equity advisory?
- what will kill On Deck anyways?

active angels in Europe

Sunday CET 25 July 2021

This week:

- active angels in Europe
- the difference between an angel and a super angel
- Europe's long tail

The 140

Sunday CET 18 July 2021

The Sunday CET this week:

- the list with 140 VCs most active in Europe this year
- the equity crowdsourcing market is consolidating, is this a good thing?
- is the European expansion worth the time, effort and investment for American companies?

Tink in an easy way out

Sunday CET 27 June 2021

Tink was acquired by Visa for 2.2 billion. Would they have been capable of executing and become a 40-50 billion company with huge upside like Klarna is now, for example, or is this the type of business that rather gets acquired for strategic reasons?

It looks like we have that answer.

will Google buy Klarna?

Sunday CET 20 June 2021

- Klarna became a Google reseller, is there more to it?
- how many ways are there for creating unicorns
- a 22 year old kid is changing an industry
- are voice apps a feature or a product?

vision-driven stuff out of Sweden

Sunday CET 13 June 2021

This week we talk about vision-driven projects from Sweden, quantum deals and the latest VC marketing initiatives launched in Europe.

the hottest consumer app is from Europe

Sunday CET 06 June 2021

Today we cover the details of an investment deal that I haven’t seen on the usual Euro media channels and which will probably be written about extensively in the following days.

the next big thing

Sunday CET 23 May 2021

This week we’ll talk about white spaces in the Euro VC market, have a quick look at how a Swedish VC hit two birds with one stone and about the next hot segment that investors will look for in Europe.

We’ve also picked some of the more interesting deals from this week’s dealflow.

the new wave of Euro VC

Sunday CET 16 May 2021

Euro VCs seem to have finally started to adopt best practices at doing their job (a software arms race going on as we speak) and we see more and more examples of players not being afraid of doing things differently and taking more risks - in an industry of followers, no less.

We dig into it.

seed is the new drug

Sunday CET 09 May 2021

Why is all of a sudden early stage interesting for investors in Europe?

For once, it is more profitable - finding and backing startups at the earliest moment with the upside of becoming a multi billion dollar business is a really good business. It *is* the business.

Second reason is that series A/B round is getting really crowded in Europe.

We look into it.

mix and match as a strategy

Sunday CET 02 May 2021

Here's what we talk about this week:
- What’s the value of a media asset without a tech ad system?
- Is content a marketing expense or a revenue driver?
- Klarna confirmed he’s going after Amazon’s marketplace.

Euro Intel Euro Intel (21)

Data-based intel from the European startup ecosystem written professionally in an easy to understand format - tactical bits and industry-wide trends, curated deals, active investors and relevant early stage transactions.

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the tight connection between Swedes and Russians

Euro Intel 13 September 2021

• what is the next-gen L'Oréal
• the tight connection between Swedes and Russians
• Europe can produce cool startups as well

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Where is the VC market going

Euro Intel 09 September 2021

Venture capital firms are usually competing by outdoing their peers in the same activities in an incremental way. But they never did things their competitors aren't doing. Now, that we have a hyper competitive environment, where is the market going and what are some structural problems ahead.

summer residuals

Euro Intel 06 September 2021

• e-bikes producer raises growth funding in a round led by Chinese
• grocery delivery buys itself more time with 40 million raised from a strategic investor
• software developer of tools for AI & NLP, raises 6 million at 120 post.

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summer startup deals in Europe

Euro Intel 30 August 2021

• British no-code SAAS framework developer raised 10 mil series A from American investors
• German electric scooter manufacturer raised equity from French VCs
• 2 preseed rounds for former employees of high profile investors gone founders

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Observations and interesting Euro startups part of YC21 summer program

Euro Intel 23 August 2021

- Ireland (4!), Romania and Cyprus represent but no presence from Sweden and Norway
- two grocery startups with an edge
- all 3 Spanish startups funded pre-YC
- most funded raised $5M, oldest is from 2015.

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Euro Intel 16 August 2021

• operator of a luxury watches marketplace raised $100M+
• e-sport event organiser raised growth funding
• marketplaces for long tail influencers + booking artists and models were both seeded

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active angels and VCs in July

Euro Intel 09 August 2021

This week in Europe:
- producer of plant-based meat substitutes raised growth funding
- Linkedin killer, B2B voice-based SAAS and software developer for age monitoring were seeded
- breakdown of the most active VCs and angels in Europe in July (almost 1000 in total)

carbon trackers, gamified apps and YC startups that didn't raise money

Euro Intel 19 July 2021

Euro updates:
- a D2C insurance selling via a gamified app raised $70 million
- an online personal shopping service provider raised traction money
- two carbon tracker startups got pre-seeded
- an online grocery retailer delivering all products in reusable packaging was pre-seeded too
- 2021 YC alumni that still didn't raise money.

crypto insurance, pivots, jobs and Softbank

Euro Intel 12 July 2021

European updates:
- a bootstrapped SAAS startup raised $70 million
- a merchant of insurance products for crypto investors raised traction money
- a real estate ads marketplace secured funding to pivot into buy-to-let assets
- a SAAS logistics aimed to help e-commerce, raised pre-product
- standard terms sheets, bad term sheets
- Softbank kept busy in Europe.

Growth, growth, growth

Euro Intel 05 July 2021

This week's update features:
- good ol' SAAS startups, D2C FMCG startups and Europe's largest robotics marketplace
- Softbank's forrays into Europe's grocery big players
- investors' moral compass

VR, baby products and toilet design

Euro Intel 28 June 2021

This week features a baby products marketplace, a VR experience provider, fractional trade platforms and carbon capture device producers.

*the* bike startup from Europe

Euro Intel 21 June 2021

- American celebrities invested in a pre-launch European startup this week. Who are they, why they did it and what other Euro startups raised money from celebrities.
- Early stage profiles: one in stealth, D2Cs and a software-based market aggregator
- A curation of the most interesting fundraising deals from this week
- 9 new investment funds announcements.

Euro investors not into the grocery business.

Euro Intel 06 June 2021

Euro startups accelerated by YC keep raising money, Goldman has quietly become one of more active growth finance providers and, believe it or not, there's still high profile investors not involved with grocery startups from Europe. Yet.

securing the best assets from Nordics

Euro Intel 31 May 2021

Half of the European deals made by Softbank in the first five months of the year are from the Nordics. We made a quick overview of them + the usual weekly intel.

Superhuman from Europe

Euro Intel 24 May 2021

The intel for this week is about a serial entrepreneur from Germany who has invested in more than 20 early stage software startups in the past years and about a startup building a modern email client out of Europe.

big picture data

Euro Intel 17 May 2021

This update covers intel about the most active investors and the largest fundraising deals from Europe from April 2021 + active investors and interesting early stage startups from the past week.

the French, family offices and Seedcamp

Euro Intel 03 May 2021

- What are tech startups that raised funding from non-French investors last year
- the European payment startup funded by family offices aiming to become an alternative to the American systems
- a neobank based in Germany, registered in Cyprus, with backoffice in Russia and American investors.

balanced portfolios

Euro Intel 26 April 2021

we have a look at the European geographical portfolios of two American investors + 8 fresh funds announced to deploy money in Europe's startups + a batch of early stage interesting startups

Early stage European startups backed by American VCs.

Euro Intel 18 April 2021

a review of interesting Euro startups which were backed by American investors at very early stages + active investors and new funds announcements from the past week + a list of interesting early stage startups that were funded in the past month

Nordic Intel Nordic Intel (21)

Nordic-focused curation of what's important in the region, with an emphasis on local and international investors activity, competitive analysis and early stage startups usually not covered by the mainstream media.

Published every Friday afternoon and emailed to the Nordic 9 customers - investors, founders and decision makers who have a keen interest in the Nordic region.

the Nordic bank for crypto ✔️

Nordic Intel 17 September 2021

• startup building a bank for crypto business gets pre-seeded
• low cost rechargeable battery technology manufacturer also raised
• Swedish YC alum secures seed money

next Nordic unicorn-breeding vertical

Nordic Intel 11 September 2021

• unicorn trajectory path in a niched vertical
• chewing gum is a hidden emerging Nordic space
• Swedish e-sport entrepreneur give it another go 

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30X in 16 months made in Sweden

Nordic Intel 03 September 2021

• 30X return in 16 months made in Sweden
• dark kitchens and energy trading are a thing
• Swedes got high on the grocery delivery drug

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Nordic startups at Y Combinator

Nordic Intel 27 August 2021

• Nordic startups at Y Combinator
• no-code SAAS raises one of the largest series A in DK at $62 million
• B2B marketplace for buying carbon removal + on-demand tailored-made clothing provider got pre-seeded.

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next-gen Oatly

Nordic Intel 20 August 2021

• Norway has a new unicorn backed by Americans.
• developer of a SAAS for more inclusive branding language used in 35 countries was seeded.
• next-gen Oatly startup raised angel funding.

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mission control SAAS, depression and sentiment analysis tools

Nordic Intel 13 August 2021

Highlights from this week: 
- medical device company treating depression raised $9 million from US and Swiss investors
- customer sentiment analysis SAAS developer raised $5 million
- startup developing space software (mission control) was pre-seeded

scooters, e-bikes and grocery delivery

Nordic Intel 06 August 2021

This week in the Nordics:

- scooter company raises $700 million to get into grocery delivery
- consumer BNPL marketplace aggregator got seeded
- subscription-based e-bikes startup raised an angel round

easy like Nordic summer part 2

Nordic Intel 30 July 2021

This Nordic Friday:
- customer service SAAS closed a $100M+ deal in 2 months
- pre-product metaverse-sounding startup was pre-seeded
- fashionable e-bikes, microinsurance sellers and energy monitoring SAAS

easy like Nordic summer

Nordic Intel 23 July 2021

Nordic dealflow intel:

- digital wealth platform w/ 32k customers raised $7M
- SAAS for social media management raised $1.5M
- dark kitchen startup raised seed money

The as is 2021 situation

Nordic Intel 16 July 2021

This week in the Nordics:

- Swedish electric airplanes startup becomes a global business
- Danish startup marketplace raises $5M+ from 'strategic angel investors'
- Danish wine marketplace gets seeded
- Norwegian YC alumni raises funding from American investors

textile tech, car subscription and carbon tracking

Nordic Intel 09 July 2021

This is what was important in the Nordics this week:
- textile tech raises money for growth
- car subscription is the Nordic hot
- 9-months old fintech in a $20M+ investment deal
- early stage marketplaces, dark store operators and plant-based producers

Nordic summer blues

Nordic Intel 02 July 2021

Quieter week in the Nordics, typical post-midsummer - everybody has mostly gone away either at the summer cabin or in Spain.

And this, of course, is reflected in the dealflow activity - most of the announced deals we process were closed a few weeks ago.

However, a quick look at the books of June shows a particularly spectacular month in the Nordics as the $4.4 billion spent for buying assets from the local private market this month alone is higher than what was spent in any of the previous full years, with the exception of 2020.

Also - Norway! It's been the hidden gem of Scandinavia, and this first 2021 half unveiled quite a few interesting startups ready to scale and raising accordingly, see also some of the below announcements.

More on that in the coming weeks after things will have settled. Let's look at this week's highlights.

a $2.2 billion worth of a short week

Nordic Intel 25 June 2021

It's midsommar in the Nordics, meaning that business wise it was a short week this one, with a 2.2 billion highlight of an yet another American company acquiring yet another Swedish fintech, and a few deals made by ambitious Nordic founders shooting for the moon straight from the US.

Nordic ice cream robotics

Nordic Intel 18 June 2021

Good investment vibes from the Nordics this week, where we're enjoying a combination of some hot summer days and some Swedish political turmoil.

Other than that, we've had a $2 billion valuation (it seems we've been hearing from Nordic unicorns every week lately), a pre-launch seed round for an icecream robot and a Danish developer of "Wordpress for robots".

from 1 to 10 billion in 4 years

Nordic Intel 11 June 2021

We're half way of 2021 already and it looks like money access is the last problem to have for the Nordic companies looking to grow by selling equity.

Nordic SPACs

Nordic Intel 04 June 2021

there were 3 SPAC vehicles announced in the Nordics in the past 10 days + interesting deals from the region

Nordic early stage ftw

Nordic Intel 28 May 2021

Looks like this week we finally got to a closer-to-normal deal announcement level in the Nordics - here's what caught our attention.

largest VC deals in Finland *and* Norway

Nordic Intel 21 May 2021

This week marked the announcement of two of the largest VC deals in their respective geographies - Norway and Finland. It's not very often you see triple digits numbers deals for minority stakes in the local private market, and 2021 seems to be quite heated as the money is aplenty.

secondaries ftw

Nordic Intel 14 May 2021

We produced a report profiling 25 VCs from the new wave of European investors and 4 of them are from the Nordics + the usual weekly intel updates

more growth than seed

Nordic Intel 07 May 2021

We produced a report listing 100 early stage investors from Europe - at pre-seed and seed level. 15 of them are from the Nordic countries + the Nordic data for April

Swedish healthcare ftw

Nordic Intel 30 April 2021

Comparing deals and investors involved in the Nordic heatlcare sector + as April is coming to an end, we're quick to reach $1 billion in money invested in the Nordics for the month.