Investments of Creandum

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Average round investment:
11.79M USD
Average number per year:
2017 (11) 2016 (10) 2015 (7) 2014 (7) 2013 (3) 2012 (2) 2011 (1)

41 tracked Nordic investments in:

NameDateRound valueTotal raised
Sweden Epidemic SoundNov 2017N/A7.23M
Sweden Epidemic SoundJul 20171.23M7.23M
Norway KahootJul 201710M26M
Sweden BokioJul 20173.57M3.62M
Denmark RFRSH EntertainmentJun 20178.13M12.31M
Sweden KryJun 201722.57M29.37M
Finland Small Giant GamesMar 20175.7M9.55M
Finland Armada InteractiveFeb 20177M10M
Sweden Soundtrack Your BrandFeb 201722M36.2M
Denmark PleoFeb 20173.25M6.81M
Norway XenetaFeb 201712M18.86M
Sweden Neo TechnologyNov 201636M80.1M
Finland KNL NetworksOct 201610M12.67M
Norway KahootSep 201610M26M
Sweden iZettleSep 201615.97M236.67M
Finland Futureplay GamesAug 20162.5M2.95M
Sweden KryAug 20166.8M29.37M
Sweden Football AddictsMay 2016N/A110k
Sweden Soundtrack Your BrandMay 20163.3M36.2M
Denmark PlandayMar 201614M17.75M
Denmark VivinoJan 201625M37.41M
Finland Futureplay GamesNov 2015450k2.95M
Sweden Resolution GamesAug 20155.82M5.82M
Sweden TicTailJul 201522M32.22M
Sweden Soundtrack Your BrandJun 201510.9M36.2M
Norway XenetaFeb 20155.3M18.86M
Sweden KnCMinerFeb 201514.5M29.5M
Sweden Neo TechnologyJan 201520M80.1M
Finland Small Giant GamesOct 20143.1M9.55M
Sweden KnCMinerSep 201412M29.5M
Sweden HansoftAug 201410M10M
Sweden Epidemic SoundMay 20145M7.23M
Sweden iZettleMay 201455.5M236.67M
Denmark PlandayMay 20143.75M17.75M
Sweden TicTailFeb 20148M32.22M
Denmark VivinoJul 201310.3M37.41M
Sweden WrappJun 201315M41.02M
Norway XenetaApr 20131.56M18.86M
Denmark VivinoDec 20121M37.41M
Sweden iZettleOct 201231.4M236.67M
Sweden WrappNov 20115.5M41.02M

* The round values and totals raised are in USD.
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