Investments of Industrifonden

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Average round investment:
7.73M USD
Average number per year:
2017 (17) 2016 (13) 2015 (13) 2014 (8) 2013 (5) 2012 (6) 2011 (6) 2007 (3)

71 tracked Nordic investments in:

NameDateRound valueTotal raised
Sweden AdfenixOct 20176.09M6.09M
Sweden FunnelSep 201710M13M
Sweden StarcounterSep 20174.47M24.97M
Sweden Fast Travel GamesSep 20172.1M3.06M
Sweden ApicaSep 201712M25.85M
Sweden inRiverAug 201712M25M
Sweden Sol VoltaicsJul 201721.3M41.34M
Sweden FyndiqMay 20173.56M16.31M
Sweden NextoryApr 20173.39M8.08M
Sweden AtheraApr 20172.02M4.84M
Sweden BarnebysApr 20173.31M10.28M
Iceland MenigaApr 20177.94M23.39M
Sweden FishbrainApr 20173.64M14.11M
Sweden QapitalMar 20177.5M18.86M
Sweden Soundtrack Your BrandFeb 201722M36.2M
Sweden WidespaceFeb 20173.69M21.39M
Sweden AMRAJan 20178.96M10.81M
Sweden QapitalDec 20164.5M18.86M
Sweden OatlyDec 2016N/A4.1M
Sweden OxTheraNov 201633.9M83.05M
Sweden Now InteractNov 20165M7M
Sweden BoneSupportOct 201637M79.9M
Sweden NextoryOct 20162.26M8.08M
Sweden SoundtrapOct 20166M8.55M
Sweden ZaploxAug 20161.77M3.26M
Norway poLightJun 201618.8M59.73M
Sweden Sol VoltaicsMay 201612.5M41.34M
Sweden QapitalFeb 20163.56M18.86M
Sweden OatlyFeb 20164.1M4.1M
Sweden WidespaceFeb 201612M21.39M
Sweden BarnebysDec 20154.37M10.28M
Sweden AtheraDec 20152.82M4.84M
Sweden WidespaceDec 20152.3M21.39M
Sweden NextoryOct 20152.43M8.08M
Sweden FishbrainJul 20157.92M14.11M
Sweden inRiverMay 201510M25M
Sweden TrialbeeMay 20155M8.21M
Sweden FootwayApr 20156.25M6.25M
Sweden Avtal24Apr 20151.2M4.74M
Sweden BarnebysApr 20151.3M10.28M
Norway poLightFeb 201519M59.73M
Sweden StarcounterJan 20151.8M24.97M
Sweden AMRAJan 20151.25M10.81M
Sweden FyndiqNov 20145.75M16.31M
Sweden FishbrainJul 20142.4M14.11M
Sweden BoMillJul 20142.72M2.72M
Sweden Now InteractJun 20141M7M
Sweden ApicaFeb 20144.52M25.85M
Sweden InDex PharmaceuticalsFeb 201420M29.5M
Sweden AMRAJan 2014600k10.81M
Sweden GarantiBilJan 20143.6M6.6M
Sweden FishbrainSep 2013150k14.11M
Sweden inRiverAug 20133M25M
Sweden FunnelJun 20133M13M
Sweden MantexJun 20134.51M8.69M
Sweden AirsonettJan 201346.47M54.26M
Sweden BarnebysJul 20121.3M10.28M
Sweden ApicaJul 20125M25.85M
Sweden WidespaceJun 20123.4M21.39M
Sweden BoneSupportJun 20129.9M79.9M
Denmark NuevolutionJun 201213.5M13.5M
Sweden ClavisterApr 20125.94M20.34M
Sweden ZaploxNov 20111.49M3.26M
Sweden Sol VoltaicsJun 20116.32M41.34M
Sweden BurtJun 20113M8.5M
Sweden ApicaJun 20112.37M25.85M
Sweden BoneSupportJun 201119M79.9M
Sweden InDex PharmaceuticalsJan 20119.5M29.5M
Sweden OxTheraJun 200718M83.05M
Sweden AccedoJun 20071.27M11.27M
Sweden ScandiNovaMay 20072.82M11.43M

* The round values and totals raised are in USD.
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