Investments of Lifeline Ventures

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Average round investment:
4.11M USD
Average number per year:
2017 (10) 2016 (11) 2015 (12) 2014 (7) 2013 (5) 2012 (2) 2011 (1) 2010 (1)

49 tracked Nordic investments in:

NameDateRound valueTotal raised
Finland VarjoSep 20178.2M14.9M
Finland PortyrSep 2017N/AN/A
Finland The Curious AI CompanySep 20173.67M4.67M
Finland EnevoSep 201712M38.54M
Finland AivenAug 20171M1M
Finland IceyeAug 201713M15.8M
Finland Minima ProcessorMay 20174.4M6.19M
Finland VizorApr 20172.3M2.3M
Finland SulapacApr 20171.07M1.07M
Finland Digital Workforce NordicJan 20172.15M2.15M
Finland Altum TechnologiesDec 20161.15M1.15M
Finland TILT BiotherapeuticsDec 201610.63M10.63M
Finland ArexNov 20163.33M3.33M
Finland CallStatsSep 20163M3M
Finland KontenaAug 2016N/AN/A
Finland MapletApr 2016166.5k166.5k
Finland Digital Workforce NordicApr 2016N/A2.15M
Finland DispelixApr 20161.93M1.93M
Finland WoltApr 201612.4M15.1M
Finland Meru Health (Blooming)Mar 2016330k330k
Finland Synoste OyJan 2016N/A35.6M
Finland IceyeNov 20152.8M15.8M
Finland OuraringNov 20152.3M8.12M
Finland WoltNov 20152.25M15.1M
Finland UmbraOct 20153.4M3.4M
Finland The Curious AI CompanyOct 20151M4.67M
Finland AmbroniteSep 2015600k600k
Finland Everywear GamesAug 20152.25M2.82M
Finland EnevoJun 201515.8M38.54M
Finland Synoste OyMay 20152.6M35.6M
Finland SmartlyApr 20152.7M2.7M
Finland Everywear GamesMar 2015570k2.82M
Finland OneMind DogsJan 2015460k460k
Finland StylewhileDec 2014430k1.58M
Finland Optomeditech OyDec 20142.5M2.5M
Finland WoltNov 2014450k15.1M
Finland SharetribeNov 20141M1.16M
Finland Mindfield GamesNov 2014375.25k375.25k
Finland EnevoAug 20148M38.54M
Finland TrademarkNowMay 20143.5M7.68M
Finland Synoste OyNov 201333M35.6M
Finland StylewhileAug 2013850k1.58M
Finland TrademarkNowAug 2013400k7.68M
Finland ValkeeJun 20139.7M10.26M
Finland EnevoApr 20132.4M38.54M
Finland TrademarkNowAug 2012250k7.68M
Finland StylewhileJul 2012300k1.58M
Finland UplauseNov 2011N/AN/A
Finland ValkeeDec 2010560k10.26M

* The round values and totals raised are in USD.
** Click on the company for its details and on the round amount for the investment details.