Recently funded in Iceland

CompanyRound investorsIndustryRound value (USD)
Iceland Mainframe IndustriesCrowberry Capital, Maki VC, Play Ventures, Sisu Game VenturesGaming Industry, Software Services2.18M
Iceland Klang GamesFirstminute Capital, Joi Ito, LEGO Ventures, Makers Fund, New Life Ventures, Northzone, Novator PartnersGaming Industry22.33M
Iceland Nordic Enterprises Ltd. Manufacturing1M
Iceland Hefring MarineNýsköpunarsjóðurAutomotive, Software Services, TransportationN/A
Iceland Lava CheeseFunderbeamFood Industry, Manufacturing790k

Largest investments in Iceland in the last 30 days

NameIndustriesDateRound value (USD)
Iceland Mainframe IndustriesGaming Industry, Software ServicesOct 20192.18M

Most active investors in Iceland in the last 30 days

InvestorTypeAverage inv. round (USD)Transactions
Iceland Crowberry CapitalVenture Capital2.18M1

Industries from Iceland with the most funding in the last 30 days

NameValue of transactionsTransactions
Software Services2.18M1
Gaming Industry2.18M1

Active regional clusters in Iceland in the last 30 days

NameIndustriesValue of transactionsTransactions
Iceland ReykjavikGaming Industry (1), Software Services (1)2.18M1