Recently funded in Norway

CompanyRound investorsIndustryRound value (USD)
Norway LuadoBent Oustad, Folkeinvest AS, Knut DyremyhrMarketplace, Recruiting360k
Norway SpiffCathrine Lofterød Feght, Christian Solli Nyborg, Sverre MunckFinancial Services, Mobile410k
Norway NisonicHadean Ventures, Investinor, Sintef TTOHealth services, Manufacturing1.96M
Norway NurxKPCB, Lowercase Capital, Union Square Ventures, Y CombinatorHealth services, Mobile36M
Norway GedditBrian Lindsay MarcarAdvertising, Gaming Industry, Media490k

Largest investments in Norway in the last 30 days

NameIndustriesDateRound value (USD)
Norway SpiffFinancial Services, MobileJul 2018410k
Norway LuadoMarketplace, RecruitingAug 2018360k

Most active investors in Norway in the last 30 days

InvestorTypeAverage inv. round (USD)Transactions
Norway Sverre MunckAngel Investor410k1
Norway Christian Solli NyborgAngel Investor410k1
Norway Cathrine Lofterød FeghtAngel Investor410k1
Norway Knut DyremyhrAngel Investor360k1
Norway Folkeinvest ASCrowdfunding360k1

Industries from Norway with the most funding in the last 30 days

NameValue of transactionsTransactions
Financial Services410k1

Active regional clusters in Norway in the last 30 days

NameIndustriesValue of transactionsTransactions
Norway OsloRecruiting (1), Marketplace (1), Financial Services (1)770k2