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Company Round investors Round value
Sweden Pihr
Industry agnostic, Software Services, Competitive Intelligence
United Kingdom Cutover
Industry agnostic, Software Services
Eldridge, Index Ventures, Sussex Place Ventures, Contour Ventures 35M
United Kingdom Humaans
Industry agnostic, Software Services
Lachy Groom, Scott Belsky, Next Play Ventures, David Clarke, Frontline Ventures, Dylan Field, Des Traynor, Y Combinator, Moonfire Ventures, Akshay Kothari, Claire Hughes Johnson, Emre Baran, Shane Curran, Gerardo Di Giacomo 5M
United Kingdom Laundryheap
Marketplace, Ecommerce, Industry agnostic
The SidebySide EIS, Sova VC 3.5M
Germany LegalTegrity
Industry agnostic, Software Services
Hessen Kapital, DLE Holding 1.22M

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