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Nordic summer blues

Nordic Intel 02 July 2021

Quieter week in the Nordics, typical post-midsummer - everybody has mostly gone away either at the summer cabin or in Spain.

And this, of course, is reflected in the dealflow activity - most of the announced deals we process were closed a few weeks ago.

However, a quick look at the books of June shows a particularly spectacular month in the Nordics as the $4.4 billion spent for buying assets from the local private market this month alone is higher than what was spent in any of the previous full years, with the exception of 2020.

Also - Norway! It's been the hidden gem of Scandinavia, and this first 2021 half unveiled quite a few interesting startups ready to scale and raising accordingly, see also some of the below announcements.

More on that in the coming weeks after things will have settled. Let's look at this week's highlights.

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