The investors from the list below appear to have made the most number of investments in Scandinavia-related companies for the past period. Please use the filters for selecting a type of investor, a specific period or investors based in a specific country.

InvestorTypeAverage inv. round (USD)Transactions
Sweden Almi InvestOthers1.46M13
Sweden IndustrifondenVenture Capital12.65M6
Denmark VækstfondenVenture Capital4.16M5
Sweden Chalmers VenturesAccelerator2.71M5
Sweden CreandumVenture Capital55.17M3
Finland InventureVenture Capital8.67M3
Sweden Peter DahlbergAngel Investor5.73M3
Sweden eEquityVenture Capital3.42M3
Sweden Schibsted GrowthVenture Capital2.34M3
Denmark PreSEED VenturesVenture Capital1.05M3
Finland Butterfly VenturesVenture Capital797.09k3
Finland Lifeline VenturesVenture Capital21.52M2
Denmark Seed CapitalVenture Capital18.84M2
Finland Nordic OptionVenture Capital17.73M2
Sweden Norrsken FoundationVenture Capital4.37M2
Finland Business FinlandOthers3.24M2
Finland IcebreakerVenture Capital3.19M2
Sweden Bonnier VenturesVenture Capital2.03M2
Finland Innovestor VenturesVenture Capital1.64M2
Sweden Standout CapitalVenture Capital1.35M2

* Average inv. round represents the average value of an investment from all funding rounds an investor has participated in for a given period of time.

** No flag means that the investor is from outside Scandinavia.