Abomics (private company)

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Abomics Ltd is a Finnish health technology company that provides healthcare professionals with new approaches to personalised medicine.

Abomics is a company that specialises in translating genomics research into clinical practice. Our focus is on leveraging the new knowledge acquired from genomic information in order to increase the safety and efficacy of medical treatments.

Abomics employs leading experts in the fields of medical genetics, genomics, molecular medicine, healthcare information technology and software development. Our company has a good track record in working with municipal health care authorities, hospital administration, genetic test laboratories and suppliers of electronic health record systems. Processing and interpreting genetic test results is highly knowledge-intensive work that requires a highly specialised skill set. Abomics provides solutions to help organisations tackle the challenges of applied genomics.

Abomics was founded on 2013 in Turku, Finland by two medical doctors Jari Forsström and Klaus Elenius. The idea for Abomics was born in 2010 when two tennis buddies were discussing the future of health care.

There was already strong evidence on the merits of utilising genetic testing in patient care, but practical applications and decision support tools were few and far between. Jari and Klaus had a shared vision that genomics could be used to tailor medical treatments according to the patient's personal attributes.

Personalised health would become reality and standardised health care guidelines would eventually become a thing of the past. The fundamental idea behind Abomics is translating evidence-based research knowledge into clear recommendations that both the treating physician and the patient will understand.

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