ZenStone Venture Capital (investor - Venture Capital)

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Santa Clara
Most business models preferred:
SAAS (1) B2B (1)
Average round investment:

ZenStone Venture Capital is a Silicon Valley-based venture capital firm founded to bridge Asian capital and global opportunities.

ZenStone partners with the sharpest founders who share the vision, passion, execution and integrity to pursue well-positioned technology and business model innovations at POST SEED and EARLY VENTURE stages.

ZenStone applies a collaborative and transparent approach to work with founding teams, who are exploring disruptive innovations in Real Estate Technology, Financial Technology, Internet of Things, Logistics Technology, Social and Digital Media, Consumer Internet, and Platform/Software/Data-as-a-Service.

1 tracked Nordic investments in:

NameDateRound valueTotal raised
Finland EnevoAug 20148M38.54M

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