Agrosingularity to raise €1 million in a round backed by Clave Capital

Spain 25 April 2021

Agrosingularity, a Murcia, Spain-based food producer, announced closing a seed investment round totalling €1.07 million ($1.3M).

The money was raised from investors from Spain led by Clave Capital, via the Tech Transfer Agrifood, joined by Tokavi Activos and Ship2B, through its Equity4Good impact vehicle, Toubkal Partners (SeedRocket) and angels Diego Recondo (Partner at All Iron Ventures), Javier López and Emilio Nicolás (Founders Erasmusu) and Marc Ferrán (Keiro Partners).

Agrosingularity, founded in 2019 by Juanfra Abad, Luis Rubio and Daniel Andreu (CEO), is a producer of food ingredients including natural aromas, natural colors, vegetable fibers, vegetable proteins and substitutes for artificial additives. The company has a range of more than 20 products with various high-value functionalities (aromas, colors, vegetable proteins and vegetable fibers), its impact, using losses of primary production, opens the way to a new consumption model responsible, sustainable and with local ingredients.

Total investments received (USD): 1.29M