Fauna added an investment round of $290k from local angel investors from Norway.


Fauna, an Oslo, Norway-based startup building a social network, completed a NOK 2.4M ($290k) capital funding round.

The money was raised from local investors in Oslo, Norway, including StartupLab FoundersFounders and FoolsWe Are Human and angels Karsten Refsdal from Otovo and Livvin, as well as Erick Arnberg from Google's Oslo office.

Fauna, founded in 2020 by CEO Øystein W. Høie, is building a social network that acts as consumer loyalty scheme, helping users track their purchasing habit of green products. The app does the tracking by connecting with the banks, and using a point-based system that can be exchanged with goods, discounts or can be gifted to other users.

Fauna says that it already teamed up with 25 companies that sell sustainable products.