In Singulo Solutions raises SEK 4 million from Chalmers Ventures and business angels.

Sweden Investments 31 January 2020
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In Singulo Solutions, a Stockholm, Sweden-based biotech startup, announced the completion of a capital raise of SEK 4M ($400k).

The money was provided by a group of investors from Sweden, including Chalmers Ventures and business angels.

In Singulo Solutions was founded in 2017 based on a five-year collaboration between Chalmers University of Technology and AstraZeneca by Fredrik Höök with the aim of exploring the opportunity to overcome today’s challenges of biophysics in drug discovery using single molecule microscopy. The company has a patent-pending technology with superior sensitivity and capacity compared to current methods as it improves the way in which drugs directed against membrane proteins are analyzed and selected. These proteins are found in cell membranes and play an important role in many biological processes and diseases.

The patented technology consists of a biosensor instrument which, in simplified terms, consists of a microscope, software and a unique sensor plate and consumables. The high sensitivity of the instrument makes it possible to detect interactions at the single molecule level, which allows pharmaceutical companies to identify, verify and release new and improved drugs to the market much more quickly and with greater precision.