Minima Processor completes its seed round with a second stage investment

Finland Investments 30 May 2017
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Minima Processor, an Oulu and Espoo, FInland, microprocessor technology company, announced the completion of a second stage of its seed investment round. This phase adds EUR 3.9M ($4.4M) and new investors such as Lifeline Ventures, leading to a total of 5,5 million Euros ($6.2M) in less than a year.

In the first stage Minima attracted EUR 1.6M in investments from VTT Ventures, CFT Nordic Capital, Aalto University, and from a group of angel investors.

Minima Processor, founded in 2016 and led by CEO Toni Soini, has developed patented technology that promises to cut energy need of digital computing up to 20-fold. The technology is based on the optimisation of microprocessors’ operating points and the company says it has made a new world record in energy efficiency using this technique.

In March 2017, Minima announced getting an additional of $1.7M in EU funding, under European Union Horizon 2020 Research Framework Program.