Picnic Group to be acquired by Sentica.

Finland Secondary 07 May 2019
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Picnic Group, a Helsinki, Finland-based chain of cafes, announced getting into an investment agreement with the Finnish private equity company Sentica.

Following the deal, Sentica will own about 55% of the shares in the Picnic group of companies - Picnic, La Torrefazione and procurement company Europicnic. The new group has 49 cafés and a procurement company. The leading management and the founder of Picnic Mikael Swanljung and their families will continue to be a significant owner.

Petteri Laurikainen, the current CEO of Picnic Finland, has been appointed as CEO of the whole group.

Picnic, founded by Mikael Swanljung in 1991, is a popular Finnish café chain, with 42 locations based in the Helsinki metropolitan area, Rovaniemi, Tornio and Oulu.

La Torrefazione, founded in 2009 by Jens Hampf and Janina Hallberg, is another cafe chain operating seven cafés in the Helsinki metropolitan area and Oulu. In 2016, La Torrefazione joined the Picnic companies, as its owners acquired part of the company's shares.

Europicnic, founded in 1993, is a procurement and logistics company, which serves nearly 500 customers around Finland. Still today a large amount of Picnic's products is sourced through Europicnic.

In 2018, the companies’ total sales exceeded 30 million euros and made a consolidated profit of roughly 2 million euros.