Startup profile: Our Green Car - plug and play car sharing services for the business market

Sweden 18 October 2018
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Our Green Car provides car sharing services for the B2B market - they make available pools of electric vehicles, scooters or bikes to closed business-based circles. They are based in Malmö, started 15 months ago and just raised money from E.ON.


What are the names of founders, their management roles, and how many full-time paid employees do you have?
Thomas Droben: CEO, Magnus Jönsson: IT, Kenneth Falk, Sales. All 3 are founders.

Do you have external funding or are you bootstrapped?
Funding from E.On.

What problem do you solve and for what industry?
Our Green Car offers shared economy solutions with vehicles for real estates, municipals and companies as an alternative to owning your own expensive vehicles. All with a full service of cleaning, maintenance, insurance and a smart booking system.

How do you make money, what is your business model?
We lease out our vehicles for the above groups and get paid for the vehicles as they are rented out.

Why do you think the value you're creating is so important that customers are willing to pay for your solution?
Building garages, providing parking spaces, owning your own vehicles are all financial sink holes. Our offer is a simple ”plug-and-play” solutions with custom made vehicle pools that reduce the number of needed parking spots, remove head aches of owning and managing your own vehicles.

Do you have paying customers or some sort of external validation?
Paying customers and operative pools, so both proof of concept and business.

Who is your local and international competition?
Local: Sunfleet as they are the leading carpool-company in Sweden, even though we do not compete with their fleetness pool solution as we provide our solutions for closed groups of members only.

What is the biggest challenge you need to solve in the next few months?
Expanding with the right people.

If you're hiring, why should anybody join you?
We gone from nothing to being a known vehicle pool provider in 15 months, and the interest in us is huge both from investors and customers. A job with us at this stage is a road to success and career-climbing as we now are hiring people that might come to be our key employees with top-management roles in the future.

Are you looking for external funding? If yes, how much and for what?
Not right now, but as our plans for expansion intensifies it might be something to pick up on in the near future.


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