Autonomous Flight in a £5M capital investment round.

United Kingdom 25 April 2021

Autonomous Flight, a Kent, UK-based manufacturer of a electrical vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) vehicle, announced the closing of a £5M ($6.9M) capital investment round.

The name of the investors was not disclosed.

Autonomous Flight, founded in 2017 by CEO Martin Warner, is building a vehicle called Y6S Plus, a battery-powered flying aircraft to facilitate short-range transportation in urban areas.

Y6S Plus is a six-seater designed to reach cruise speeds of 200km/h, expected to have a range of 130km (on a single charge. A concept prototype has been designed (Y6S) and Autonomous Flight is planning to launch the Y6S Plus in 2023. 

Total investments received (USD): 6.91M