Elistair raised €5M from Omnes and Starquest Capital

France 30 March 2021

Elistair, a Lyon, France-based startup manufacturing tethered drones, announced closing a funding round of €5M ($5.9M).

The money was raised from investors including Omnes and Starquest Capital.

Elistair, founded in 2014 by CEO Guilhem de Marliave, is developing automated tethered drones to protect military bases, surveil borders and provide security for major events. The company's products have already been deployed by military forces and national security agencies in over 65 countries, as it works with national security and defense organizations, offering them two patented product ranges: an automated tethered drone: Orion 2 and tether stations capable of transforming free-flying drones into tethered drones.

Elistair previously raised a €2M funding round in 2018.

Total investments received (USD): 8.35M