Fidelix acquires Swedish measurement technology company Ecoguard.

Finland M&A 05 April 2019
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Fidelix Holding Oy, a Vantaa, Finland-based company specializing in building automation, announced the purchase of the entire share capital of the Swedish company EcoGuard AB, a provider of digital measurement services for real estate.

EcoGuard, based in Örebro, founded in 2004 by Per Ernedal, Björn Persson and Gunnar German and led by CEO Björn Fagerdahl, delivers cloud-based software, sensors and innovative measurement solutions to property owners for monitoring energy costs in residential properties. The company's measurement solutions allow for temperature, water and electricity measurement and billing according to consumption. The service allows the property owner to analyze, optimize and charge the energy used according to consumption.

EcoGuard has a turnover of SEK 100M ($11M) and employs about 50 people. The deal has no impact on employees in either company.

Fidelix, founded in 2005 and led by CEO Tero Kosunen, is a provider of building management systems and related building automation products. Fidelix's pro forma turnover is over EUR 40M and the company employs 280 people.