Filmgrail secures NOK 9M in fresh capital, adds Skyfall Ventures and Nettuno Capital as new investors in the company.

Norway Investments 06 June 2018
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Filmgrail, an Oslo, Norway-based startup managing a mobile app for finding movies and buying cinema tickets, announced in a press release that it secured NOK 9M ($1.1M) in capital investment.

The money comes from new and existing Norwegian investors, including Skyfall Ventures, Nettuno Capital, Sagene Tech Ventures and Eilert Giertsen Hanoa, and will be used to fuel the international growth ambitions of the company.

The investment round values the company at NOK 45M ($5.5M).

Filmgrail, founded in 2014 by Simon Strumse and Rashid Lepshokov, has built a white label solution for movie theaters to display film information, ticket sales and audience engagement in a single app available to end users. The app can be used for info purposes as well for ecommerce with tockets, popcorn or drinks at the location.

The company claims to work with 30% of the Norwegian market, including Bergen Cinema, Trondheim Cinema, Edda Cinema in Haugesund and Aurora in Northern Norway.

Prior to this, Filmgrail added NOK 2M from Sagene in 2016 and the list of investors includes 500 Nordics, Inge André Sandvik, Kim Daniel Arthur and Martin Kværnstuen.