Inflow secures $680k in pre-seed funding backed by Rhythm VC and angel investors.

United Kingdom United States 18 February 2021

Inflow, a London, UK-based health startup, announced the completion of a $680k capital funding in a pre-seed round.

The money was raised from investors led by New York-based Rhythm VC and including angel Mike Gibbs, one of the co-founders of digital health start-up Second Nature.

Proceeds will be used to grow their scientific advisory team, investing further in the development of their product, and growing the wider team.

Inflow, founded in by Seb Isaacs, Levi Epstein and ADHD clinician George Sachs, is working for developing a sustainable, accessible and cost-effective solution for people with ADHD.

Specifically, the company designed a seven-week CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)-based program for people with ADHD, by people with ADHD and which requires daily time-commitment in a more convenient manner and affordable when compared with alternatives, such as in-person therapy. When you join Inflow, you also get access to a supportive community of like-minded people with ADHD, as well as progress tracking, live events, and ADHD-specific meditations.

Inflow is currently running a 500+ person beta and working towards a public launch in the US in April 2021.

Total investments received (USD): 680k