LGN in a $2 million round backed by Trucks VC, Luminous Ventures and Jaguar Land Rover.

United Kingdom United States 23 March 2021

LGN, a London, UK-based software company, announced completing a $2 million funding round.

The money was raised from investors including Trucks Venture Capital, Luminous Ventures, AI Seed, Post Urban and Jaguar Land Rover through InMotion Ventures.

Jaguar Land Rover is said to also plan to retain LGN’s services to expand its data capture efforts and analyze road travel data toward the development of autonomous cars.

LGN, founded in 2018 by former Apple and BMW executive Daniel Warner, Oxbridge research fellow Luke Robinson, and Vladimir Čeperić of MIT and the University of Zagreb, designs solutions for customers with the goal of minimizing transfer costs and improving training dataset quality while reducing storage and processing requirements.

LGN's product automatically calibrates AI-powered sensor arrays as well as a platform - Intelligent Select - that reduces data capture and compute needs by filtering data to only record and process edge cases while transferring and storing data in a compressed form. LGN claims that Intelligent Select can boost model performance on hard classes by 180% while using just 2.5% of the original training data, and moreover cut down on data, labeling, and processing expenses.

Total investments received (USD): 2M