Lohilo Foods adds SEK 10M and Santhe Dahl as major investor in the company.

Lohilo Foods, a Växjö, Sweden-based food producer, announced that it completed a SEK 10M ($1M) capital investment raise.

The money was raised from Santhe Dahl Invest in a larger deal that involves a secondary transaction with founder Dan Isaksson via Lohilo Foods' main owner MF30 Holding. Post transaction, Santhe Dahl Invest will become the second largest shareholder in the company after the company's merger with Alvestaglass Partners Sweden is completed.

The dilution for existing shareholders through the private placement amounts to approximately 5.37 percent of the number of shares and votes in Lohilo Foods.

Lohilo Foods, founded in 2008 and led by CEO Richard Hertvig, is a beverage and icecream producer headquartered in Småland (Växjö). The company produces functional beverages and foods where the products contain one or more functions, such as vitamins, minerals or anything else that will help the body. Product portfolio includes brands Lohilo, Häagen Dazs, Alvestaglass, Nick’s, Bubbies and Järnaglass.