Nexxiot in a $25M funding deal backed by QVIDTVM

Nexxiot, a Zurich, Switzerland-based supply chain digitization company, announced that it completed a $25M capital funding round.

The money was raised from investors led by QVIDTVM.

The proceeds will be used to further improve its technology to create client success and push ahead with North America expansion.

Nexxiot, founded in 2015 by Christoph Wartmann and Daniel MacGregor and led by CEO Stefan Kalmund, is active in the IoT space, and specializes in digitizing non-powered cargo transport assets, increasing their trackability, control, safety and security. Both the hardware and intelligent cloud platform are accessible via a flexible subscription model. All Nexxiot devices are certified for dangerous industrial environments where explosions are a real risk and include the highest standards of HazLoc certification for the U.S. market.

The company provides an integrated solution to track, find, and protect cargo from over 160 countries globally and across 450 network roaming partners to ensure trust, security, and efficiency.