Playmore Games has raised funding of EUR 1.5 million for the development of the Dized application.

Finland Investments 06 July 2017
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Playmore Games, a Helsinki, Finland-based gaming company, announced raising a EUR 1.5M ($1.8M) investment funding to further develop DIZED, an interactive game rules tutorial application.

The money comes from international and Finnish private investors and funds, including Tekes and the Carcassone board game publisher Hans Im Glück.

Playmore Games, founded in 2014 by Jouni Jussila and Tomi Vainikka, develops and publishes modern tabletop games. The company has also produced DIZED, an interactive application designed to teach gaming with interactive tutorials so that the rulebook is not necessarily needed at all.

Prior to this investment, Playmore recieved EUR 250k in seed investment.