PromoRepublic raises $1.2M almost a year after moving to the USA in Palo Alto

Finland Investments 26 June 2017
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Promo Republic, a Ukrainian/Finnish startup providing a service that helps freelancers and marketing agencies to create content for social networks, raised $1.2M in outside equity investment.

The backers are investment organisations such as Tekes, Howzat, Spring Capital and Digital Future, as well as private investors including Peter Drucker’s daughter Cecily Drucker, Nick Bilogorskiy (the ex-chief malware expert at Facebook), angel investor Aviram Jenik, business modeling guru David Lottenbach.

Promo Republic, led by CEO Max Pecherskyi, has developed a a social media marketing platform that helps small business owners gain more customers from social networks.

The company was founded in 2013 by three Ukrainians as a platform for creating promotions and contests on social networks. In 2015 the company pivoted to SAAS content for digital agencies and moved to Helsinki.

At the beginning of 2016 the company started doing business in the US, where it has an office located in Palo Alto.

Prior to this investment, the company raised about $700k in outside capital.