Protix secures €15.5M from Aqua-Spark, Rabo Corporate Investments and Invest-NL.

Netherlands 15 February 2021

Protix, a Dongen (Tilburg), Netherlands-based producer of insect-based proteins, announced that it secured a funding round of €15.5M ($18.8M).

The money was raised from Dutch investors led by Aqua-Spark and included participations from Rabo Corporate Investments, Brabant Development Company, and Invest-NL.

Protitx, founded in 2009 by CEO Kees Aarts, farms insects, namely Black Soldier Fly (Hermetia illucens) in order to sell it as ingredient in animal and aquaculture feed, with sidelines including frass-based fertiliser. The products are available in 13 countries, and range from pig and poultry feed to specialty pet foods.

Total investments received (USD): 18.8M