Queue-it adds GRO Capital as major shareholders in the company.

Denmark Investments 26 March 2020
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Queue-it, a Copenhagen, Denmark-based company providing virtual waiting room software and services, announced getting into an investment agreement with GRO Capital.

Following the transaction, GRO Capital will become the new majority shareholder and provide further capital into the company to accelerate growth.

Queue-it, founded in 2010 by Niels Henrik Sodemann (CEO), Camilla Ley Valentin and Martin Pronk, has developed systems to cope with website traffic congestion by directing visitors to a queue where they can wait until access can be facilitated. The excess users are offloaded and placed in an orderly queue, which operates on a first-in-first-out principle to fairly manage the excess users. Additionally, the service supports companies where traffic from bots is becoming more prevalent on high-demand sales where secondary markets have high payoffs.

Queue-it operates a SaaS platform available to customers such as online ticket vendors, ecommerce companies, educational institutions, and public-sector services. It has 85 employees based in its Denmark headquarters, Minneapolis, and Sydney.