Remisshjälpen adds $1.3M in strategic investment.

Sweden Investments 12 July 2019
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Remisshjälpen, a Stockholm, Sweden-based company operating a digital healthcare platform, announced in a press release that it secured SEK 12M ($1.3M) in capital investment.

The funding was backed by Conscriptor, a software developer for the Swedish state healthcare administration, and by Belimama Care Holding, a company part of a holding financed by Mats Siljehult, Benny Holmgren, Marianne Holmgren Windh and Linda Petersson.

Remisshjälpen, founded in 2017 by CEO Alexander Knezevic, operates a digital platform that helps patients to easily find diagnostics and access to medical doctors they can meet. The platform makes available healthcare-specific information as well as is aiming to simplify the search process of finding the shortest ques for doctors available for their needs.

Prior to this round, in 2018, Remisshjälpen raised money from Add Health Media.