Sana Labs to raise SEK 150M from EQT Ventures.

Sweden 13 January 2021

Sana Labs, a Stockholm, Sweden-based provider of digital learning solutions, announced the completion of a capital investment round of SEK 150 million ($18M).

The money was raised from a range of investors led by EQT Ventures and including contributions from local angel investors from Sweden Sophia Bendz and Fredrik Jung Abbou. The deal puts a value on the company of SEK 620M ($74M).

Sana labs, founded in 2016 by CEO Joel Hellermark and Anna Nordell Westling, develops personalized digital education courses based on every student’s unique learning patterns. The company saw an unusual demand for its platform from healthcare providers, currently serving a number of 2,000 hospitals and 80,000 employees.

Sana previously raised about $4 million from multiple Swedish angel investors.

Total investments received (USD): 21.98M