SolverML secured €600k from GoHub Ventures and Zriser Group.

Spain Investments 15 January 2020
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SolverML, a Valencia, Spain-based startup software developer for process automation, announced the completion of a €600k (670k) capital invstment round.

The backing was provided by investors from Spain including GoHub Ventures and strategic partner Grupo Zriser.

SolverML, founded in 2016 as a spin-off of the Polytechnic University of Valencia by Roberto Paredes, Jon Ander Gómez and Francisco Casacuberta, develops AI-based software for process automation in big corporates.

The company, led by CEO Francisco J. Albert Guzmán, works with large companies such as Bankia, Consum and Global Omnium in order to develop innovative projects based on artificial intelligence technology to transform their business processes.