Streamience raises capital and launches Jaramba Preschool, a new service targeting the global preschool market.

Sweden Investments 01 November 2017
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Streamience, a Stcokholm, Sweden-based developer of educational tools, announced raising fresh funding to finance the growth of the company and further development of new services. The amount remains undisclosed and is being raised from the current investors of the company.

Streamience, founded in 2012 by Björn Holmqvist and CEO Peter Sjöström, developed an app-based subscription service that lets young children play and learn independently in a fun but safe context. On this occasion, the company also announced the launch of Jaramba Förskola - based of Jaramba it´s a digital learning tool for preschools specifically design for preschool teachers.

Streamience raised more than $1M in outside capital, being backed by Propel Capital.