Taster to raise $37 million in a growth equity round.

Denmark Germany France United Kingdom United States Japan 28 April 2021

Taster, a Paris, France-based operator of delivery-only food brands, announced the completion of a $37 million capital funding round.

The money was raised from a range of investors including Octopus Venture, Battery Ventures, LocalGlobe, HeartCore, Rakuten, GFC and Founders Future.

Taster, founded in 2017 by CEO Anton Soulier, operates 5 restaurant brands that only exist on food delivery platforms. The brands are street food-inspired concepts - Bian Dang (Taiwanese food), A Burgers (plant-based burgers), Mission Saigon (Vietnamese food), Out Fry (Korean food) and Stacksando (Japanese street food) - and are serviced from 61 locations from 9 cities, made available to consumers via food distributions apps or via their own mobile app.

The company says that in Paris, Taster restaurants are the third restaurant group on Deliveroo behind McDonald’s and Burger King — it represents over 5,000 meals per day.

Taster previously raised $8M in 2019, out of a total of $13M since its start.

Total investments received (USD): 50.1M