Think Outside to raise funding in a round backed by Helen Ventures

Finland Norway 11 February 2021

Think Outside, a Bergen, Norway-based weather analytics company, announced that it secured a capital funding round.

The money was raised from investors including the FInland-based Helen Ventures.

Think Outside, founded in 2017 by Moniaka Vaksdal (CEO), Kjartan Nesse and Deborah Karlsen, developed the Sknow visualization technology, a combination of a sensor and methodology used to achieve novel and detailed data about the snow for the hydropower industry, ski industry, infrastructure and governmental agencies. 

The radar technology used by Think Outside is a new approach to analyze the composition of the snowpack layer by layer. This technology, combined with the satellite data, enables a more accurate prediction of snow and SWE than with any current method of analysis. This advanced analysis can accurately determine both the amount of SWE and the time of snow melting.

The focus markets of Think Outside’s technology are Nordic and Alpine regions with high prevalence of snowfall and spring snowmelt. The third main potential geographical market for Think Outside is North America. These three areas represent 25% of the global hydropower production.

Think Outside previously raised money from Butterfly Ventures, also from Finland, and was part of Techstars acclerator in Italy at the beginning of 2020.