Visma acquires Lessmore

Norway M&A 23 October 2018
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Visma, an Oslo, Norway-based software services integrator announced getting into an agreement to purchase the Stockholm, Sweden-based procurement company Lessmore.

The transaction has the financial details undisclosed and it's done through Visma's subisidary, Visma Advantage,in order to build on a leading position of a marketplace for small and medium-sized businesses wanting to increase their purchasing power.

Lessmore, founded in 2000, delivers procurement deals for small and medium-sized companies. Their product covers different needs such as freight, office supplies, credit information and insurances and gives smaller businesses the opportunity to lower their procurement costs. They have 2,500 customers in a wide range of business areas.

Visma Advantage, led by managing director Henrik Salwén, offers purchasing power in a range of different areas like fuel and office supplies. The acquisition of Lessmore further strengthens their position in the market.