Wedsly scores SEK 8.1 million.

Sweden 31 March 2021

Wedsly, a Stockholm, Sweden-based operator of a wedding platform, announced that it secured a SEK 8.1M ($930k) capital funding round.

The money was raised from local investors from Sweden and will be used for internationalisation of its platform. Investors list includes Knut Pedersen, former CEO of Catella, Tomas Åkerman, co-founder of the Nordic Access Buyout Fund, Naxs, NHL player Erik Gustafsson, and Patrik Zackrisson.

Wedsly, founded in 2018 by Claes-Åke Hultin, Malin Jureit and Patrik Gustavsson and led by Johan Bengtsson, developed a pltform arranging wedding events and selling adjacent services. The company says it has 5,000 registered couples on the site in a Swedish market that had 37.5k weddings in 2020 and that most of the money is made by selling premium services.

Total investments received (USD): 930k