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What are top 30 most active investors in the Nordics in the first half of 2020

As we're finalising adding the last investment transactions for the first part of the year, we thought it would be useful to have a look at who were the most active investors in Nordic startups - venture investors, angels, family-offices, state-based agencies or outside-of-the-Nordics-investors.

Out of 547 investors involved in 456 deals, we chose the top 30 of the venture investors ranked based on the number of transactions we tracked for each.

The top 30 activity represents 40% of the total deaflow in the region (Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Norway) and 60% of the money spent for investments in the Nordic area for the January-June 2020 period.

The report is available here in the Cheat Sheet section along with all the other reports.

The Cheat Sheet section is provided complimentary with the data access to all N9 customers. You can read one report at will for free (you need an account though).

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