Angel investors from Sweden you should know about

06 August 2020 Insights
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The angel investment activity is probably one of the better indicators of the early stage investment environment in a country. Let's talk some numbers:

For 2020, January-June, for all the five countries from the Nordic region:
- there was a number of 592 investors active in the area (in 2019: 596)
- out of those, 276 were angel investors (in 2019: 300)

For 2020, January-June, for Sweden:
- there was a total number of 281 investors in companies from Sweden. (in 2019: 290)
- out of those, 144 were angel investors (in 2019: 167)

So about half of all the investors we tracked in a period are angel investors. Also about 50% of them are active in Sweden.

Having said that, we reviewed all of those names and created a list with who we think are some of the most proeminent and active Swedish angel investors. We kept the list balanced as we split it evenly between ladies and gentlemen active as angel investors.

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Access the list of the active angel investors from Sweden.