2020 in 20 graphs about the Nordic startup and VC ecosystem

18 January 2021 Insights
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It's that time of the year when we look at the big picture and interpret the signals from the Nordic market we gathered throughout 2020.

And since analysis reports without context numbers are like meals without condiments, we compiled what we have gathered so far in our databases, sorted it through and produced a data-backed report outlining the big trends of the Nordic private investment market for 2020.

And because a picture says more than a 1000 words, we put all those numbers in 20 graphs (there's actually 24 but who's counting :D) reflecting the overall picture and the essentials of the startup and private investors activity in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finalnd and Iceland in 2020.

The obligatory disclaimer - this is a moving picture since we're still putting together all the deals from last year and there is usually a 2-3 months lag, sometimes 6-12 months.

As always, the data gathering is subject to methodologies, public availability and companies willing to update about their fundraising deals. To our knowledge, Nordic 9 is one of the more comprehensive resource you can find about the Nordic private deals.

The report includes:

  • monthly breakdown of deals and their values
  • country breakdown of deals and their values
  • deal and value distribution numbers by investment stage and by country
  • industry number breakdwon
  • data comparisons 2020 vs 2019 vs 2018

Access What you need to know about the Nordic investment market in December 2020.

The report is FREE to read, but you need to login in order to access it. It takes 20 seconds, you know the drill, don't be lazy! :-)

Access What you need to know about the Nordic investment market in December 2020.

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