A 2020 overview of 30 e-commerce Nordic operations - facts and figures

29 October 2020 Euro Lists
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So Amazon finally launched their Nordic operations - first in Sweden and gradually throughout the rest of the region.

The general launch sentiment, as reflected by the local media, seems to be negative as expectations were higher about the accuracy of translating the description of 150 million items, for which Amazon used automated translation.

Since website translation is not exactly the core of Amazon's operation, we believe a look at the market fundamentals is more interesting.

We searched, analyzed and produced an overview of 30 of the ecommerce businesses that are flagship for the Nordics. 26 of the 30 profiled in the report are Swedish entities - their total revenue is roughly $3.5bn, accounting for about 30% of an estimated Swedish market of $10bn, with a yoy growing rate of about 10%.

We dug into the numbers, and extracted the ownership, turnover and profitability data as of 2019, and structured it by verticals and income brackets. Take this as an initial point for the year when Amazon officially started operating in the Nordics and we'll follow up next year.

The report is available here and it goes hand in hand with the one about the most interesting early stage DTC (e-commerce) startups from the Nordics.

Access the report A 2020 overview of 30 e-commerce Nordic operations - facts and figures

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The report includes:

  • a review of 30 ecommerce operators, public and private, from the Nordics, 26 of which are from Sweden
  • revenue and profitability numbers for 2019, as well as their investors
  • vertical breakdown by fashion, beauty, electronics, food and generalist
  • revenue bracket clusters

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