A guide of the family offices from Sweden

02 September 2020 Insights
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A traditional single family office, technically speaking, is a business run by and for a single family. Its sole function is to centralize the management of a significant family fortune, generally one with over $100 million in investable assets.

One way to look at the society in Sweden, and the Nordic one in general, is by understanding the influence power poles dominated by family-driven groups, and by extension, by family office businesses. The local society is a rather closed ecosystem, and in general, unless you are not part of the influence circles of those families, getting access to opportunities can be more difficult.

And so, understanding who the main family offices are and their background is an useful step in understanding the Swedish culture and investing environment.

We pulled out our data and assembled below a list with some of the most visible familly offices from Sweden. We screened through about 50 names and considered specifically family offices which are also active in the small, retail private market.

We picked up a list of 25 family offices from Sweden and made it available in a Cheat Sheet report format.


Access the report listing the fastest growing startups in the Nordics from 2019.

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Access the report listing the fastest growing startups in the Nordics from 2019.


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